Casino Game Trends - What's Popular?

Like everything else, online games for free go through trends – one minute roulette is the most popular until somebody wins big on video poker and suddenly everyone’s playing that game. But how do you know which game is popular at the moment? Now, it is made simple with the innovative tool below. You can see exactly which casino game is the most popular right now.

Use this information as part of your gambling strategy, to help you choose a casino online, or just for fun! It’s up to you what you want to do with the knowledge, we just provide it. Is everyone playing blackjack, or craps? Is roulette the favourite game, or slot machines? Also, be sure to check out the latest casino news, casino games and more!


Casino News

If you were a casino game which one would you be?
This is apparently the latest trendy question to ask in job interviews! Experts say that employers are moving away from the traditional interview questions in favour of the more left-of-field queries. It forces interviewees to think a little differently a get more creative. If we had to choose, we would be a slot machine because it's bright and colorful! Why don't you check a casino online and see which game you would be!
Brand New Slot Game!
Microgaming, the leader in online casino games, has released a brand new slot game this week based on the epic Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. This Lord of the Rings slot is the talk of the online casino industry right now! They actually have clips from the movie playing in the background whilst the reels are spinning. Check it out at a UK casino as it was released here first! News is that it will next be launched at the Swedish online kasino so you will be able tp trial it there soon also.
Online Casino's riding good times
It seems that the online casino is proving to be the gambler's choice as more and more punters choose to stay at home instead of forking out extra capital to cover accommodation and dining costs. Playing at a casino online not only saves costs but also provides people with the chance to start their adventure with a great casino bonus to find their favourite online casino games all from the comfort of their own home.
Blackjack overtakes Roulette
Blackjack has always been a favourite among players from all over the world - I hear it's particularly popular at the Swedish online casinos. When they play at a casino online they call it casino spela. Fans have described it as the game to make money and recently it overtook roulette in its popularity. Players believe that a blackjack download can be very beneficial and recommend it often to their peers. Measuring popularity can be quite tricky but all survey participants have stated that they prefer a blackjack game over spinning the wheel. A tip for you on the side: by using an online casino bonus you can try the different blackjack versions for free.
New Gambling laws enforced in France
France has recently changed their gambling and sports betting laws and also the laws that govern casinos en ligne. Companies are now required to register with the ARJEL and to acquire a license to be able to advertise and operate in France. Some companies have been already going ahead and have received the license just in time for the FIFA World Cup. If you are interested in playing at a French online casino you should be able to without any troubles, online gambling operators are working hard to keep their market share in France. This might even result in better offers, promotions and even an online casino bonus.
New great Online Casino Games
Every month online casinos publish new games and often have great bonuses running with them. Once you have signed up with one, you should receive newsletters and other promotional material which will make it easier to keep up to date with all the new games. Recently a new 3D slot game has been introduced and the old time favourites like casino roulette and blackjack are getting a makeover. Playing the new casino games has its advantages because you can use often special bonuses with them which will make testing cheaper.